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Optional Practice Training

Employment opportunity announced by USCIS for the international students who are studying in USA with F1 visa is an Optional Practical Training program, also called as an OPT Job program. You can take the advantage of this course when you are pursuing your graduate or master, or after completion of your education in the USA. You don’t need a job offer when you are applying for the OPT program.

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Curricular Practical Training

CPT jobs, which are also known as Curricular Practical Training is an opportunity for the students with an F1 visa to work while they are still studying. You can choose to work with any employer provided the job is based on the major subject of your study. Do not miss the chance to work legally with the American companies. It is very important to have a job offer before you apply for the OPT programs.

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CPT & OPT Internship

CPT and OPT internship or employment programs for all the international students who have completed at least one year of education at the university level. You can start earning when you are still learning. Taking up this kind of programs can help you in getting a job offer easily. You will not have to struggle too much for searching an H1B sponsor.

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OPT and CPT Employment

OPT and CPT employment programs are completely different as CPT is part of the curriculum sometimes and OPT is not part of the curriculum. You can apply for OPT even when you are pursuing or after completion of your graduation or post graduation. This is a golden opportunity for all international students get their dream job.

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