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EAZY SUPPORT- From learners to leaders.

Eazy Support is your one and only stop to find solutions to all your software and career related clichés. It is the key to a prosperous beginning and is a pathfinder for all the naïve learners to hone them into confident and passionate employees and leaders. Primary education and secondary level education are available in standard norms within the country, however for higher education, studying abroad is still considered an elite choice. We at Eazy Support helps young students to chase their dream.
As we are aware the students who wish to study abroad must have F1 visa and we help these students in understanding the process of acquiring the work permits for Optional Practical training OPT and Curricular practical Training, CPT. These are of immense help and financial support to the students as it gives them the access to enroll in internships and work in temporary positions before or after their graduation program.

Before proceeding with these official and legal permits, it is extremely significant to have a through knowhow of how it all works as students have limited time allotted for these training positions and that is where exactly Eazy Support comes into the picture to help F1 students find OPT jobs, CPT jobs and H1B jobs.

We offer support in the following extensions:
Analytical and Domain management
Web management
Design management
Software management and update
Interface Support and Management
Technology management
Database programming and management
Visa conversion ways, F1 – H1B.
Employer choice
Employment criteria.
Cutting Edge Support in Latest Technologies

Students interested in learning DOT NET, Java, Sap and software testing training are welcome to join our online virtual classes that offer round the clock help to the students in making them understand the basic principles enabling them to strengthen their foundation with an enhanced level of quality training imparted to the students with the help of professional, talented, trained and experienced trainers who are best in their business.

It is our constant attempt at Eazy Support to improve ourselves to offer enhanced services to the students from the country to help them carry out their goals, we emphasize in maintaining the comfort levels of the students to able to question, realize and rationalize within the learning process to help them do a superior understanding of the subject along with highly interesting, interactive and practical sessions.

Our level of performance measured by the standards of our training, guidance and support provision, which makes us one of the chief reckoned sites for information exchange, OPT, CPT and STEM OPT Jobs and placements.

At Eazy Support, your progress is our success and with this aim in mind, we help process the CPT and OPT candidates to suited positions according to their caliber and professional strength by making them complacent with real-time examples from industrial technology accompanied with quality training in advanced and multilevel tools and technology systems.

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