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About My SQL

MySQL Course Eazysupport offers training in MySQL through which you will become adept in this language. Our course material is …


    MySQL Course

    Eazysupport offers training in MySQL through which you will become adept in this language. Our course material is exhaustive, giving you information on every aspect of this RDBMS so that you develop skills that help you confidently interact with databases. Our tutors have in-depth experience in MySQL giving you expert guidance on how to use its various features and functions.

    Why should you learn MySQL?

    Learning MySQL is important because it is a popular RDBMS and is a key part of Linux, Python, Pert and PHP. It is essential for developing web-based software applications. Applications that make use of MySQL database are Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and much more. Popular sites on the internet such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia also make use of it.

    Why take a course in MySQL?

    This course is meant for those who want to gain knowledge for extracting data from a database, analyze it or create reports from it. We cover topics ranging from the basic to advanced concepts. Here is a look at what our MySQL course covers:

    database and relational database concepts
  • Understanding of database tables
  • In-depth coverage of data types in MySQL
  • What is PHP MyAdmin
  • How to create and check tables
  • What are primary keys, and how to include values into tables.
  • MySQL Syntax and function
  • Design and creation of databases
  • Performing operations on the database such as insert, delete, update, query using MySQL
  • How to perform administrative activities using MySQL
  • How to optimize server, database and queries using MySQL
  • Learning from our institute gives you the advantage of getting into the an enriching learning experience where you will be taught everything right from basic to advanced knowledge in MySQL. The tutor will give personalized attention enabling you to develop skills quickly so that you become adept in the RDBMS in a   short while.

    After undertaking our course, you will be able to create and manage MySQL applications on your own and work with it independently. You will know how to perform various operations on a database and can help the organization where you work to use it in the most optimal manner to reduce the cost of maintaining databases. If you are working on mission critical applications knowledge of MySQL helps to maintain them, without any downtime.

    Our MySQL course is in-depth and covers how it functions, its tools, how to use the tools and how to secure MySQL Database. There is a project that has to be completed at the end of the course through which you will show what you have imbibed in the classroom and practical sessions. We issue certificates to students on successful project completion which will enhance career prospects. We also offer placement assistance.


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