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About PHP

PHP Course Learning PHP can give a definite advantage. It is a scripting language that is required when working with …


    PHP Course

    Learning PHP can give a definite advantage. It is a scripting language that is required when working with web pages. It can be used to perform actions such as create log-in pages, forums, picture galleries and much more. It can be used to develop all types of web interfaces. Since it is open-source software and robust, it has become a highly popular internet programming language. Knowing it is a must and a sure career advantage. This language is used alongside front-end web languages such as HTML and JavaScript.

    Learning PHP is easy because it has all the tools that are needed to create web pages, built right into it. So there is no need to use any tools or software to work with it. You will find how amazingly quick it is to create a website with PHP. So many popular sites on the net have been developed using PHP such as Facebook, WordPress, Digg, Joomla and much more.

    Why enroll in Eazy Support’s PHP course?

    We enable you to get a rewarding career in web page development through our PHP course. The course is designed to make you familiar with all the concepts of READ MORE

    this language and use it adeptly for creating attractive web pages.
    Our course material has been written by experts and is taught by certified instructors. You will get the best learning experience because of our extensive courseware and in-depth practical sessions. Here is a look at what our PHP course covers:

    1. • Introduction to PHP
    2. • Data types, variables, constants, strings, operators
    3. • What are regular expressions in PHP?
    4. • Conditional statements, loops and functions
    5. • What are arrays?
    6. • How to create PHP forms and cookies
    7. • How to program with PHP

    Our PHP course covers all that you need to know to become a skilled programmer in the language. The practical sessions will give exercises that make you work with the language’s features and you will learn how to use it to build pages. The exercises are modeled on the situations that you are likely to face in the work place. Our in-depth course material ensures that you learn the latest concepts and applications of PHP. By the end of the course you will become confident in using the language for your needs. Here is a look at what skills you gain by undertaking our PHP course:

    1. • You will be able to develop web applications
    2. • You will be able to use PHP functions to manipulate strings and dates
    3. • You can create web forms and use tools such as input, query strings, HTPP headers and server variables
    4. • You can create your own shopping cart system
    5. • You will be able to work with files and perform operations such a write, download etc. from PHP-based web applications.

    EazySupport offers courses in PHP for every skill level, ranging from beginner to advanced. At the end of the course, you have to complete a project. On successful completion of the project we will issue a certificate that enhances your career prospects. We also offer assistance in placement.


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