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F1 Visa Students Find Opt Jobs

F1 Visa Students Find Opt Jobs

Many students fly abroad with a dream to work in the USA. It is very difficult to get admission in international universities. But even after you get into those universities, you cannot be sure of getting a job in those international companies. But USCIS is providing an excellent option for all those students who are aspiring to work in international companies in the USA. Optional Practical Training is the option available for the F1 visa students to work legally with USA employers.

The period of OPT program is 12 months. If you are luckier then you will get an extension of another 17 months which will make it a period of 29 months. This is called as STEM OPT for science, technology, engineering and mathematics students. There are many rules associated to get into an OPT jobs, but it can be said as one of the best benefits of F1 student visa.

Different options for finding OPT job for international F1 visa students

Apart from the difficulties an international student faces to get admission in universities, there are many other difficult that they need to undergo to find an OPT job. There are many companies in the USA but not all the employers would be interested in working with non USA citizens and some companies will not be willing to afford the expenses of OPT program and also will not be sponsoring H1B visa. But it is advantageous for students if they are about to find an OPT employer who can afford to sponsor an H1B visa.

Here are a few options for OPT job:

  • One best option available for finding OPT jobs is to find the employers online. There are many online resources available for searching an OPT job.
  • The Next option is to check the foreign labor certification website where you will be able to find a lot of information employers who are interested in taking non USA students on OPT program basis.
  • If you are lucky then you will be able to find more than one OPT employer. Do not miss this opportunity. Try to work with multiple employers so that there are more chances of finding an H1B visa sponsor.
  • There are many job agencies which will help you in finding an OPT job. This process will cost you some amount, but there are a lot of chances of finding a suitable OPT job through these job agencies.
  • Another best option available for finding an OPT job is to start a business of your own if you can afford. But for this you will have to work full time and show that you are holding a valid license for the business. The business should be related to the major subject.

When you are trying to find an OPT job, your main target has to be on H1B visa. This is the only option available for you to stay back in the USA and continue working in your dream job. You should target those employers who sponsor H1B visa on a regular basis. Make sure that you find an OPT job within 60 days after completion of your graduation. And another important point is finding an H1B visa sponsor in the 12 months OPT program else you will have to leave  your home country.

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