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Introduction –

H1B visa for students is a visa given to those students who are already studying their graduation or post graduation in the USA. If you are already being studying then you should apply for H1B Visa. You cannot stay with F1 student after completion of your graduation or Optional Practical Training. So if you are also one of those aspiring students who want to stay in USA after completing the education, then you should apply for this Visa but there are many factors that you need to take care before you apply for the Visa. There are many students who apply for the H1B visa every year, but the H1B milestone is not in everyone’s fortune as you are missing some important points while applying for a visa.

Here are a few points that you should be familiar before applying for H1B visa.

H1B visa is sponsored by the Employer:
• In order to get H1B visa you will need an employer who is willing to sponsor you the visa. This H1B visa is not self sponsored.
• When you are still studying your graduation or post graduation or when you are doing your optional practical training, you need to search for such employer who needs your services in their company and ready to sponsor you.
• As soon as you find an employer do not wait for the F1 visa to expire rather start the H1B visa process as soon as possible.

H1B visa is a Non immigrant:
• With the H1B visa you will not be permitted to stay permanently, you are not being approved the PR visa.
• You will be initially provided H1B visa for three years to stay in the USA. You can work for three years and then extend it for another three years. With this H1B visa, students will get a chance to work for 6 years in the USA. After 6 years of work you need to leave to your home country.
• You can again apply for H1B visa after one year.
Path for permanent residence visa:
This H1B visa sometimes serves as a path for permanent residence visa. The process of H1B visa for PR visa can be very complicated. The process is completely different from the H1B visa. This requires the complete support of your sponsor or your employers. The employee also needs to be completely committed towards obtaining this permanent residence visa.

Here are few more points related to the H1B visa:
• When you are applying for an H1B visa, you sure that you are having at least a graduation and the job you get also should be related to the major field of study.
• You have a different degree and you are able to get jobs or employer of different field then you will not be able to get the H1B visa. This is the major mistake done by many people. USCIS is very strict in checking these criteria compared to the past few years.
Now this is the time for the students to take a wise decision. If you are really serious about working in the USA then you should select such subjects which are having high demand.

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