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Optional Practice Training

Are you studying in US? Are you F1 Student? If your answer to both the questions is YES, then do you have any knowledge about OPT (Optional Practical Training)? Well, with the help of option training programs you will be able to work in any of the US companies when you are pursuing your degree or after you are done with your degree course. When you get enrolled in this program, then you will be able to get practical work experience of MNC on the same subject that you are already learning at your college.

Actually, there are two type programs available for the F1 visa students and they are -
 OPT – Optional Practice Training
 CPT – Curricular Practice Training

Let us go, through the details of the Optional Practice Training and the benefits of this program.
An Optional Practice Training program offered by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). All graduates or post graduates who have completed their courses or who are still pursuing the course can take the advantage of this Optional Practice Training program and the main idea behind this OPT program is to help the students gain practical experience on the subject. This opportunity is provided only to the F1 Students. This course is offered for a period of 12 months.

Benefits of Optional Practice Training (OPT):
There are a lot of benefits of opting for Optional Practice Training and every F1 Student should go for this program. Here is the list of the few benefits of OPT –
• OPT program is quite flexible. You can enroll in this program when you are still studying your current course or after completing the course or you can even go for a combo of these two, but make sure that you do not cross the time period of 12 months.
• You will not need an offer letter or call letter to join any company and start working. You can start looking for work once you are approved for OPT. You can work for any company or employer as long as you choose the employer related to your course.
• When you are on OPT, you may get a chance to work full time with the employer if your work is impressive. The employer may hire you permanently.
• You can start earning when you are studying and you are also getting real time experience on the subject that you are studying.

This is just a very small list of benefits of OPT, the list of the OPT benefits is really huge.
You have the complete freedom to choose the start date and end date of this Optional Practice Training program. If you are choosing to go for this program after completion of your degree or PG then there should a gap of at least one day or a maximum of 60 days.
Another great advantage of opting for Optional Practice Training is this is NOT a ONE TIME program. You can go for this program after every degree, i.e. one 12 months OPT after degree and you can go for another OPT after your post graduation.
Overall, opting for Optional Practice Training will increase the employment opportunities as you will gain valuable experience in American companies as well as you will have contacts in American market.

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